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About Us - Dave Phillips

Dave Phillips is President & CEO of Corner of The Sky Entertainment, a film & television production company based in Los Angeles whose goal is to produce quality entertainment that touches and teaches.

A native of New England, Dave was first smitten by showbiz after seeing Pippin on Broadway at the age of 12. After graduating Duke University, a chance meeting with film executive Strauss Zelnick inspired him to venture out west to enroll at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management as a way to attempt to join Hollywood or get it out of his system. Problem was, it got him in deeper, so upon graduation Dave became the only one in his MBA class to join a large talent agency’s mailroom for $200 a week.

Dave quickly began to sign clients and was soon recruited to be a motion picture agent at the famed William Morris Agency. In his first year, he auctioned off over 14 scripts including While You Were Sleeping, Hoop Dreams, 50 First Dates, Sleepless in Seattle, Like Mike, & Jack and was named to The Hollywood Reporter’s first “Next Generation” issue as one of the entertainment industry’s top executives to watch under the age of 30.

Desiring to be closer to making movies and not just deals, Dave accepted an offer from John Davis to join him producing at 20th Century Fox. The first project Dave set up was Pippin, from which creator Stephen Schwartz allowed use of the song Corner of The Sky as Dave’s company’s namesake. Soon Dave set up Good Luck Chuck starring Jessica Alba and sold Passion of the Ark to Sony in the largest screenplay auction for unproduced writers which became the basis for Evan Almighty which Universal Pictures asked him to Executive Produce.

A known face at the Sundance Film Festival, Dave pioneered Where Music Meets Film, a televised franchise giving artists such as Josh Groban, Joss Stone, & Sean Lennon a showcase amidst leading independent filmmakers. It was also at this past Sundance where after successfully partnering Luxottica and MTV Gaming to form a cool, festival-long Ray-Ban Rock Band Bar, Dave and live event producer Carter Reese launched D-Mented Entertainment, a 3-D development and licensing entity. Utilizing cutting edge technology from Kerner Optical, George Lucas’ Oscar-winning physical effects team, D-Mented will launch the first designer 3-D eye wear to compliment original 3-D content across multiple platforms: film, television, video games, sports & concerts and turn the 3-D lifestyle into a vivid reality.

Other top Corner of The Sky projects include a remake of the critically acclaimed Something for Joey about Heisman Trophy winner John Cappelletti as well as a feature film franchise based on Knott’s Berry Farm’s Halloween Haunt also to be shot in 3-D.

Dave lectures on college campuses around the country on Breaking into Hollywood and lives in Hollywood with his daughter & two Labradors, Goose & Maverick.

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